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Finally, a high quality racing drone custom made for the ProSight suite of HD FPV equipment.    We are extremely proud of this design.  It is super clean, low profile, and will accommodate up to 6" props, perfect for those high speed courses.  This is a true X frame, so handling dynamics are top notch.  

The Stryder frame comes in 4mm and beefy 5mm thick variants, and includes a 3mm top plate.  The frame also includes unique carbon fiber reinforcing struts that lock the top and bottom plates together.  This arrangement makes the entire frame unbelievably sturdy--just the thing to protect your pricey ProSight hardware in the event of a nasty crash.  

The Stryder includes cowlings that house your ESCs underneath the main frame.  This keeps your ESCs safe from harm, and keeps your build nice and clean.  The cowlings come in two sizes.  The first set is smaller and is designed for ESCs in the Aikon SEFM 30A size range.  The second set of cowlings are larger and are designed to accommodate ESCs as large as the KISS 24A Race Editions.  

The Stryder also includes custom rubberized mounting hardware for all your ProSight equipment.  First, a camera mount with 0 and 30 degree positioning (45 degree available upon request) specifically designed for the ProSight camera.  Next, a fully encapsulating rubberized cradle customized for the ProSight VTX.  This cradle includes an aperture on the side that allows you to connect to your ProSight VTX without dismantling the quad.  Third, a rubberized mount for the ProSight antenna that slides over the rear standoffs.  This mount is flexible, and allows the antenna to bend in crashes.  Finally, the kit includes a rubberized internally mounted antenna wire spool that holds your excess antenna wire to keep your build super clean and make sure the antenna wires don't vibrate in flight.  

Kit comes fully assembled, so you will know how things go together.

This is our favorite quad to fly, and we hope it will be yours too.  Happy flying!


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