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Stryder 5R


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Introducing the Stryder 5R. You're going to love this one.

Building on our Stryder 5 design and building in a host of improvements, we've created a freestyle (or race, if you insist) frame we think you're really going to love to fly. The "R" actually stands for Removable arms.

This frame is designed to fly better than you've ever experienced before, and here are some reasons why:

  • Same frame for ProSight or Analog, simply choose your preference and we send you the appropriate 3D printed parts.
  • Carbon side plates to protect your gear and add incredible stiffness. The top plate is supported and won't crush down onto your stack in a crash.
  • Low profile design for optimal weight balance, but not too low - maintains flow-though for optimal handling
  • Adjustable camera angle with a simple TPU 3D printed mount. Also prevents jello on the CMOS cams, and allows mounting of almost any camera including ProSight
  • Designed to be tough enough to keep you in the air while keeping the weight down to a reasonable level
  • Double shear bottom plate - this is truly the only way to achieve ultimate stiffness
  • Plain weave carbon arms - "plain" doesn't sound too flashy, and other companies can make up fancy names for it, but what it does is provide more continuous fibers along the length of the arms. More stiffness, more crash resistance
  • Better weight balance - cab-forward design for optimized fast forward flight
  • Compact but not to the point of being a huge pain to service and repair
  • Fits a GoPro session and a large 1500 mAh battery on top, or on the bottom if you want to!
  • Now features the same arms at all four corners, no need to buy front and rear arms
  • Arms have been widened to about 12 mm; still thin, but quite a bit stronger with the plain weave carbon
  • If you want a really super-slammed stack, there is a cutout to clear the camera in the bottom plate. You can delete the carbon side plates and run as low as 20 mm standoffs with a full-size camera.
  • Stretched X design, which suits freestyle and racing with superb handling at high speed.

The best features of the Stryder 5 remain, including:

  • Can be used with a typical 4 ESC setup, but also 4-in-1 ESC setups.
  • Includes custom rubberized 3D printed mounting hardware for all your ProSight equipment; Camera, VTx and racing antenna. This prevents jello in the camera and provides vibration damping for the ProSight VTx, crucial for noise-free video with the ProSight system.
  • Camera, VTx, and antenna can be removed as a single structure, making removal of the ProSight (or analog) suite easy, in the event you need to work on the Flight Controller or ESCs.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we do! Here are some basic stats:

  • 4mm thick arms
  • 2mm thick bottom, side, and top plates
  • 15 mm stack height clearance to bottom of ProSight VTx connectors, 21 mm clearance height to bottom of ProSight VTx
  • 30mm stack height in anakog trim
  • Fits double stack for ProSight, most triple stacks for analog
  • 130g including side reinforcement plates and hardware, in ProSight trim. Built tough to protect expensive FPV gear. 

(Frame only. Electronics and other accessories not included.) 

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