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Mosqyto Raptorial - Ultralight


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Are you ready for a serious HD racing experience?  Then look no further than the 5" Mosqyto Raptorial.  With a new upgraded frame weighing in at 110g (including all rubber mounting hardware for the ProSight system), this is unquestionably a top shelf HD racing frame.  

The key advancement of the Raptorial variant is the addition of separate motor arms--allowing for extremely rapid arm changes in the field after a particularly nasty crash.

This ultralight version shaves almost 30g in weight and provides increased cooling for your ESC/FC stack.  

The Prosight VTX and Camera are cushioned between two rubberized mounting brackets, ensuring minimal vibration during flight for crystal clear video and no vibration-based jitter or cutout.  The rubber mounting brackets also provide high levels of shock absorption in crashes.  The rubber brackets are sandwiched between thick carbon plate to provide further impact protection for the camera and VTX.  Bottom line - this frame will keep your expensive Prosight hardware safe and sound.  

The entire ProSight system can be easily removed by loosening two screws and sliding the entire upper carriage forward and away.  This allows quick access to your flight control, receiver, and other important internal components.

As shown below, the underside of the frame is clear of any obstructions to avoid gouging the battery if it shifts during a crash.

The Mosqyto can be purchased with a custom rubberized GoPro Session mount that seamlessly and securely attaches to the aluminum standoffs on the top of the frame.  


Frame only. Electronics and other parts not included.


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